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DataedX Group takes you from data overwhelm to data clarity. We assist professionals and practitioners on integrating equity in their data operations and practices. We lay out how discrimination in data is made and identify coping and intervention strategies to be more just.


Online Conference

With months of intense ‘what can AI do for you’ discussions, op-ed think pieces and podcasts, the fear of job replacement and/or inability to secure a living wages job is running high. We explore future-proofing your organization, understanding how bias in AI shows up, make the case for equitable tech or other ways to bring data ethics literacy to your organization. Duration: up to 75 minutes. Learn more.


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DataedX Group offers coaching sessions for practitioners, educators and managers needing additional support in data ethics literacy, grant proposal development, book proposal writing or faculty career development. Duration: 60-75 minutes, typically. Learn more.



DataedX Group collaborates with organizations to deliver live data ethics literacy sessions. These professional development trainings increase understanding of data equity and ethics principles, identify status of embedded data protocols and practices, and identify areas for improvements in your organization's data operations. Duration: 2+ sessions. Contact us to learn more.

DataedX Learning & Development Impact

10,000+ attendees to DataedX Group events

1200+ newsletter subscribers (56% open-rate)

250+ individual and organization clients served

We partner with individuals, learning organizations, state and federal agencies and corporate enterprises.

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