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Data Science & Black Women

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

On August 2nd, I'm excited to join Black Women in Science and Engineering (BWISE) at their WE EXPERIENCE IT workshops at the Black Data Processing Associates (BDPA) Conference!

Fireside Chat: Transitioning to Careers in Data Science

Speaker: Brandeis Marshall, PhD, Moderator: Landi Spearman

Hyatt Regency Atlanta (Greenbriar Room)

2:45p - 3:45p

We'll be talking about our new initiative, blackcomputeHER Data Science Executives, which targets professional Black women in navigating pathways to and incorporating data science. We are building our data science learning community. We are expand the data science workforce, together.

This is a BWISE+blackcomputeHER collaboration supported through the Kapor Center


And come earlier in the day to attend the other professional workshops.

How to take the leap from employee to tech entrepreneur

Speakers: Monique Mills, MBA, PMP and Kelly Burton, PhD

9:45a - 10:45p

Innovation and Invention

Speaker: Ruthie D. Lyle, PhD

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