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blackcomputeHER Data Science Executives

The blackcomputeHER Data Science Executives launched in July 2019. Selected as one of the winners of the @KaporCenter’s $1M Tech Done Right National Challenge, blackcomputeHER and other partners are tackling the data science talent gap by building a community of Black women with more data acuity. DataedX is conducting in-person trainings, webinars and sharing resources to this community.

As of December 2019, we've (re-)connected IRL with two groups of fantastic women to talk & share about data science, race & so much more! And we have hosted four webinars describing useful resources and diving deeper on particular aspects of the data science ecosystem. Thanks for the good times, ladies. Look forward to next IRL & online interactions with everyone :-) The community is in full swing and 2020, here we come!


Learn more about all 10 winners here:  #TDRchallenge

The Tech Done Right National Challenge is an initiative of The Kapor Center, a recognized leader in the movement to enhance diversity and inclusion in the technology and entrepreneurship ecosystem. For more information, visit

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