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A Taste of Data Science @ blackcomputeHER

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

Let's begin to demystify data science and describe the racial implications. We spent 2-hours (+ a few minutes) sharing the origins of the data science discipline, data's cultural context as well as providing our data science definition. Presentations, containing slides and engaging attendees in discussion, are good, but hands-on activities are better.

Our master class covers:

  • A Brief History of Data Science

  • Race & Data

  • What Data Science Is

  • What Data Science Is NOT

  • Hands-On with Jupyter Notebook

We did a short data science project walk-through using the Jupyter Notebook. Making data science more tangible with a concrete example helps with understanding and learning. So you may start your data science learning journey, the class content is now available on GitHub.

Contact us, if you'd like to delve deeper into data work!

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