Past Work

Past Work

DataedX has crafted customized webinars, fireside chats and workshops for various groups. Whether an informative or interactive session, we've delivered continuing education for data professionals and practitioners.  

We employ two overarching equity-building data science training strategies: ​

  1. We curate  existing resources to help focus a team's data practices for inclusion. 

  2. We create resources and pathways designed to improve a team's data equity skills.

Recent Sessions + Engagements

May 2021

Brandeis partnered with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) on making bringing the urgency of broadband access to the public. She wrote about the systemic inequities, especially in educational spaces, on the ACLU's News and Commentary blog and followed it up with the disparate impacts in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic on ACLU's At Liberty podcast

January 2021

Filene Research Institute invited Brandeis as a keynote speaker to the inaugural

research event from its Center of Excellence for Data Analytics and the Future of Financial Services. She shared real gems in her talk "Centering Data Equity". A summary of the event can be found on Filene's blog

December 2020

Truist, formerly SunTrust and BB&T, hosted Brandeis for its inaugural Data & Analytics Summit. The Summit will be a week of investing in teammates’ Learning & Development, consisting of Executive Speakers, Industry Panels, Technical Workshops, and more. Brandeis participated in the Data Quality through DEI Lens on their Data Stewardship & Management day. 

September 2020

Northeastern University's Khoury College of Computer Sciences hosted Brandeis for a 2-hour live training for their teaching assistants. The Humanity Development: Combating systemic racism, sexism and inequities training engaged over 300 participants covering their position of power, implicit/explicit bias and equity intervention strategies. 

April/May 2020

Truist, formerly SunTrust and BB&T, hosted Brandeis for its Inclusion in Data -- Educational Series. This three-part series covered identifying algorithmic bias, Brandeis' Participation, Access, Inclusion and Representation (PAIR) principles and responsible data science deployment recommendations. 

March 2020

Brandeis and Susan (DataedX) conducted a 2-day introduction to data science, including an exploration of the data science workflow, Google Colaboratory, Jupyter Notebook,  Python coding, and ethics.

September 2019 to May 2020

Brandeis and Susan delivered targeted programming to the Data Science Executives, a group of professional Black women. We increased their data science knowledge, broadened their awareness and interest in data science career pathways and extended their networking capacity to other tech professionals at various stages in their careers. Sponsored by the Tech Done Right National Challenge

August 2019

Brandeis (DataedX)  participated in a fireside chat discussing data science careers hosted by Black Women in Science and Engineering (BWISE) at their WE EXPERIENCE IT workshops at the Black Data Processing Associates (BDPA) Conference.

April 2019​

Brandeis (DataedX) spent 2-hours (+ a few minutes) sharing the origins of the data science discipline, data's cultural context as well as providing our data science definition. Presentations, containing slides and engaging attendees in discussion, are good, but hands-on activities are better.