Dr. Brandeis Marshall, Founder and CEO of DataedX, is a computer science scholar and educator, who remains curious about how data flows through digital environments. She is involved in a number of projects, workshops, and organizations that support data literacy and understanding, share best data practices and broaden participation in data science. Dr. Marshall brings nearly 15 years experience in higher education, and 10 years teaching databases and data-related courses. She has secured over $1.2M from federal and industry funded sources, serving as the principal or co-principal investigator, in data science education, cybersecurity education and diversifying computing initiatives. She has mentored and coached those early in their professional career, particularly navigating graduate studies and the tenure-track faculty path. Dr. Marshall holds a B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in computer science, and has served as a faculty member at Purdue University and Spelman College.