DSE is a cross-disciplinary conference that brings together researchers, educators and practitioners interested in improving data science education.

The data science discipline, and the pedagogical practices surrounding it, are uncharted territories that many within the computer science, mathematics and statistics fields claim affinity. While data science has reached national attention, the discipline itself remains uncoordinated and unorganized in clarifying definitions, processes, tools, frameworks and systems. The result has been at least two iterations of re-branding from data science to more established subfields: machine learning (2016-2017) and artificial intelligence (2018-present).


The need seems simple: we need more people skilled in processing data striking some balance between computer-supported aids and human intelligence. The scope of this need penetrates society across many industries and, more importantly, spans current to future generations of the workforce.


DSE is designed to bring together the community of data science instructors from each sector and construct a practical inventory of data science curricula and pedagogical practices. We can then better design data science for all people.


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