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DataedX Group takes you from data overwhelm to data clarity. We assist professionals and practitioners on integrating equity in their data operations and practices. We lay out how discrimination in data is made and identify coping and intervention strategies to be more just.



We can humanize our data operations by pushing for transparency, making systems and their knowledge workers accountable, and exercising our data citizenship and agency. Mobilizing decision-makers on the policies, practices and products through workshops, project support and programs helps to build more inclusive responsible tech. 

Data Conscience shares a starter blueprint of questions, action steps and activities we can do to make more responsible data connections throughout the data pipeline. It's accessible for the public and the data practitioner.  

Black Women in Data Professional Development Community


We are invested in supporting and retaining Black women in the data workforce as entrepreneurs, leaders, managers and practitioners. Our vision is to support Black women in occupying 13% of data roles, from entry-level positions to C-suite positions by 2040. We focus on coaching to develop their data, communication and entrepreneurship skills. Our strategy to accomplishing our vision is to provide growth opportunities via our signature event, the Black Women in Data Summit, a slate of specialized professional development sessions and partnering with organizations who desire an inclusive data future.

2022 Data Conscience L&D Impact

3000+ people reached via events and partnerships

1000 purchases of Data Conscience 

900+ Rebel Tech Newsletter subscribers (52% open-rate)

10+ clients served

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