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Exclusive Services



Brandeis explores the benefits of aligning data with the experience of your organization's members and aligning your data governance with your mission and margin. Duration: up to 75 minutes

Recent Engagements: Centering Data Equity talk at Filene Research Institute, Ways of Seeing fireside chat at Hamilton College, Teachable

Brandeis walks your team through algorithmic inequities in Machine Learning (ML) & Artificial Intelligence (AI) and customizing data responsible strategies that'll reflect the values of the communities we aim to serve. Duration: 2-4 hours

Recent Engagements: Inclusion in Data Series at Truist, AI Fairness Workshop at Visa



The DataedX Group collaborates with organizations in reimagining the culture of the data industry by broadening the participation and representation in educational environments, research studies and other equity-centric efforts. Duration: 3+ months

Recent Engagements: Data Career Paths, Medium, 2019-2020 Data Science Executives Program

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