DataedX guides you through the data space. We elevate your data competency by breaking it up into bit-sized portions. 


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Stepping into the data space? Let us help get you ready.

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blackcomputeHER Data Science Executives

The largest network of Black women focused on building their data science acuity — a headquarters to those both new to and interested in the data space.

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RStudio Training Opportunities

Data skills attainment is an ongoing journey. We help to diversify the data ecosystem. Check out these opportunities to learn yourself or train others in the data space. 

The PAIR Principles

We blend disciplines of science policy and data science to ground a way for mitigating public value failures resulting from the implementation and use of data science algorithms and practices.


—  Janeya Griffin, Founder and CEO of The Commercializer

“Just finished a bootcamp to learn about Data Science for us by us. Y'all Black Women are Amazing! I love Y'all! #datascienceexecutives


Brandeis H Marshall

co-founder, ceo

With 15+ years as a computer science scholar and educator, Brandeis is a skilled explainer who has a knack of making difficult concepts easier to understand, regardless of a person's educational background. She shares the racial, gender and socioeconomic impact of data in technology. 

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Susan R Geier

co-founder, coo

With 20+ years of experience in science education and educational psychology, Susan is an independent research and program evaluation consultant. She specializes in STEM related educational outreach and career development initiatives.

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Taking a seat at the data table? Let us help get you ready.


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