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An Oasis for Data Conscientious and Responsible AI Rebel Techies

AI needs people more than people need AI. We are unAIable. So let's learn ways to apply AI with inclusion and humanity first. 

Since AI systems, tools and platforms aren't designed with Black women in mind, we intentionally center Black women's point of view in all spaces where data lives.

Did you know? Black women account for less than 1% of the data industry. With Black Women in Data (BWD), we're striving to support Black women in occupying 13% of the data roles, including practitioners, educators, leaders and entrepreneurs, by 2040 through skills growth opportunities and specialized professional development sessions. Learn more and join our Black Women in Data initiatives!

Hi, my name is Brandeis Marshall (she/her/Dr). I'm an educator and data equity strategist I make data and AI concepts snackable to understand for practical implementation from the classroom to the boardroom.


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