DataedX guides you through the data space. We elevate your data competency by breaking it up into bit-sized portions. 


Stepping into the data space? Let us help get you ready.


—  Anqi Zou, Truist GVP, Talent Development & Engagement

“[The Inclusion in Data Educational Series] was absolutely a huge step forward for our organization!  You really EDUCATED us!  I have already heard great feedback from our I&D office and we will sure take some time to debrief, digest, and plan for next steps."

Brandeis H Marshall

co-founder, ceo

With 15+ years as a computer science scholar and educator, Brandeis is a skilled explainer who has a knack of making difficult concepts easier to understand, regardless of a person's educational background. She shares the racial, gender and socioeconomic impact of data in technology. 

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Susan R Geier

co-founder, coo

With 20+ years of experience in science education and educational psychology, Susan is an independent research and program evaluation consultant. She specializes in STEM related educational outreach and career development initiatives.

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Taking a seat at the data table? Let us help get you ready.


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