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Data Skills Survey


The scale and impact of data-driven practices using automation technologies have caused a surge of high-demand, high-salary data roles needing specific data skills in every sector. Yet, the access to developing these skills in our society remains elusive to many communities, especially Black women. Working with data is fast becoming an essential skill. In our efforts to close the gap for Black women in this industry, DataedX Group designed this survey to capture data-related experiences in the workplace. The goal however is to empower job seekers, career changers, along with new and seasoned data workers alike with information about the most sought after skills and tools in the increasingly lucrative job market. We shed light related to WHO is doing WHAT with DATA in the workplace by identity background, education and opportunity and job titles and responsibilities. Download our survey report and check out the findings. 

Black Women in Data (BWD) centers Black women's point of view in all spaces where data lives, offer opportunities for Black women to expand their data skills, and communicate issues and recommendations critical to Black women's advancement in the data workforce.

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