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About BWD

We empower Black women data leaders to shape their career path, exercise their own agency and expand their wealth.

Black Women in Data Professional Development Community


We are invested in supporting and retaining Black women in the data workforce as entrepreneurs, leaders, managers and practitioners. Our vision is to support Black women in occupying 13% of data roles, from entry-level positions to C-suite positions by 2040. We focus on coaching to develop their data, communication and entrepreneurship skills. Our strategy to accomplishing our vision is to provide growth opportunities via our signature event, the Black Women in Data Summit, a slate of specialized professional development sessions and partnering with organizations who desire an inclusive data future.

BWD Reach & Impact

4000+ social media followers


200+ subscribers

175+ BWD Summit 2022 attendees

45+ private community members

14 Black women speakers

and panelists

12+ Black women-owned and operated businesses as vendors

12+ sponsors & community partners 

Tech Done Right Challenge (Prior Work)

WHAT Members SAY

“This experience was truly amazing and has really given me a new perspective on how to charge forward with this new career path. Thank you so much for everything that you are doing to help us be successful!”

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