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Helping managers bring data ethics literacy to their teams
Data Responsibility in Context
The ‘move fast and break things’ standard operating practices are in hyperdrive. Each industry across all sectors are trying their best to implement large language models (think Siri, Alexa, GPT) in some areas within their business operations. identifies the urgent need for more robust transparency, accountability and governance guardrails in the data pipeline. We highlight ways that discrimination shows up in the digital data space and offer suggestions to address it.

Data Responsibility in Practice 
Humanizing our data operations is possible when the data/tech community is collectively pushing for data transparency, making data/AI systems and knowledge workers accountable while exercising our data citizenship and agency. We pinpoint ethical gaps in your data pipeline and share practical interventions to making data/AI projects more equitable without disrupting existing data operations. We offer frameworks, recommendation and resources to move your team's ethical practice forward. 

Data Responsibility in Organizations 

Making any product or service today means knowing how to harness your data. But leveraging data so that it minimizes harms is way outside your expertise. You didn't learn this in the classroom and don't know where to start at work. We help teams conduct an inventory of their data readiness or examine how your organization's data policies, practices and products align. 

"I really enjoyed this afternoon’s discussion.  Thank you to all the panelists and behind the scenes team for everything you did to make today’s Inclusion in Data event a success!”


Rocky Hunter, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Data Office, Truist



“Thank you so much for such a fantastic masterclass! We received a TON of positive feedback from our employees across Asia, the US, and Europe! Our head of data science is still raving about your session & many have already asked for a copy of the resources you mentioned during your talk.”


Shruthi Velidi, Global Strategic Initiatives, Visa



“[The Inclusion in Data Educational Series] was absolutely a huge step forward for our organization!  You really EDUCATED us!  I have already heard great feedback from our I&D office and we will sure take some time to debrief, digest, and plan for next steps.”


Anqi Zou, Global VP, Talent Development & Engagement, Truist



“We have received so much incredible feedback on how outstanding this panel was and how people wished there was more time to continue the conversation! Your commitment to this project over the last few months, as well as ahead, gives us great confidence that we are on the right track.


Unsurprisingly, your energy and insights really elevated this conversation and connected across the work streams seamlessly. We loved how you amplified Christine’s points about the what and why of industry decisions, not just the how. Your thoughts on video proctoring generated deep conversation among our audience and gave us a lot to consider as we head into the next phase of this project. Your episode was also really well received by out audience and continues to get incredible feedback! This is all to say, thank you for your participation and brilliance across this project. We are beyond fortunate."


Ethiopiah (Ethi) Al-Mahdi, Community Manager, Gender Initiative, Harvard Business School


Recent Clients

Atlanta Interdisciplinary AI Network 

Black Beyond Data Reading Group

Could Be Pretty Cool


Data Visualization Society


NSF Institute for Trustworthy AI in Law and Society

Portland Community College

RStudio (now Posit)

Toronto Public Library

UN Women | Generation Equality

Washington State DEI Empowerment Conference

We intentionally center Black women's point of view in all spaces where data lives since AI systems, tools and platforms aren't designed with Black women in mind.

Did you know? Black women account for less than 1% of the data industry. With Black Women in Data (BWD), we're striving to support Black women in occupying 13% of the data roles, including practitioners, educators, leaders and entrepreneurs, by 2040 through skills growth opportunities and specialized professional development sessions. Learn more and join our Black Women in Data initiatives!

Hi, my name is Brandeis Marshall (she/her/Dr). I'm an educator and data equity strategist I make data and AI concepts snackable to understand for practical implementation from the classroom to the boardroom.


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