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Data science has emerged as a separate interdisciplinary field. It is regularly applied in the workplace; in fact, many of you may be data science practitioners by proxy – having to process and interpret data without a formal data related background. In order to stay competitive in the tech space, professionals need to expand their understanding of data science and apply these practices to real-world problems. We employ three overarching data science training strategies: 

  1. We connect you with us and others to inspire, engage and grow your data science knowledge. 

  2. We curate  existing resources to help you focus your data science interests. 

  3. We create resources and pathways designed to improve your data science skills.

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Find yourself handling data? Let us help expand your knowledge.


—  Janeya Griffin, Founder and CEO of The Commercializer

“Just finished a bootcamp to learn about Data Science for us by us. Y'all Black Women are Amazing! I love Y'all! #datascienceexecutives


Brandeis H Marshall

co-founder, ceo

With 15+ years as a computer science scholar and educator, Brandeis is a skilled explainer who has a knack of making difficult concepts easier to understand, regardless of a person's educational background. She shares the racial, gender and socioeconomic impact of data in technology. 

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Susan R Geier

co-founder, coo

Susan's first career in small business management spanned 15+ years. She also has 10 years experience in program development, evaluation, and management. Her work focuses on adult learning, career management, and enhancing educational outreach programs. 

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